Henryk Cirut Exhibition


Vernissage, 27.09.2016 at 19.00 to 18.10.2016


Instytut 116 – Gallery
ul. Grochowska 116, 04-301 Warszawa


Geoforms are patterns, colors and shapes filtered through the lens; forms, which despite the closeness to the aesthetics of abstract painting, remain the work of nature. However, they gain their full-fledged status only in the Henryk Cirut’s lens, whose pictorial photomicrographs become an evidence of the power of creative observation, arrangement of the frame and sense of detail. Henryk Cirut’s work oscillates around visual representations of the forces of nature. The perception of beauty and history stored in the landscape becomes a gateway to a deeper exploration and sensitivity to the world.


Henryk Cirut

Born in 1948. Graduated at National School of Fine Arts in Zamość and University of Warsaw at the Faculty of Psychology and Education. Worked in a Lubelski Monuments Conservation Company, „Olsztyn Newspaper” and student newspaper of Warmia and Mazury “Dilemmas”. One of the originator of OIK (Olsztyn Cultural Informator), longtime member of the editorial team of press releases for the Nationwide „Castle Meetings” titled „Let’s Sing Poetry”, cofunder of the Foundation of Creative Communities. After graduation, he began working at the Higher School of Pedagogy in Olsztyn, then continued at the University of Warmia and Mazury. The cycle of seven individual photographic exhibitions inaugurated on 19th June 2015 with the exhibition “GeoForms” at the Market Municipal Cultural Centre Gallery (MOK) in Olsztyn. Furthermore, he was an author of photographs to multipal musical-visual projects.