The Night of Museums 2017: Interactive installation Pieces of suspended time in motion/ Jędrzejczak&Silski

Interactive installation Pieces of suspended time in motion

Jacek Jędrzejczak & Michał Silski

The Night of Museums 2017, Institute 116 Gallery

At 20th of May during the Warsaw Night of Museums Intitute 116 Gallery will show an interactive installation „Pieces of suspended time in motion”. Experimentator and interdisciplinary traveler Michał Silski will connect the microwaves, linus and videoclips by an audiovisual artist Jacek Jędrzejczak into the installation, that modifies an image in response to a viewer’s motion.

Jacek Jędrzejczak and Michał Silski are experimentators from the area of audiovisual arts. In their standpoints on the reality and art there are inrweaving the motives of time, space, motion and associations between sound and image. The vital thing about their creations is the expanded language of new media, which leads them to the formal novelty, fresh creative possibilities and full interdisciplinarity of art. By an extraction and visualisation of the relations between moment, light, sound and surrounding, artists are arguing with the unambiguity of the figure of a modern human – his perception, way of thinking and complex attitude towards the world.