OKSANA BOGUSLAVSKA – TIME – with the participation of Jacek Jędrzejczak


Vernissage 31.03.2016, 7 p.m.


Instytut 116 – Gallery


Exhibition TIME

Time constantly changes leaving it’s trace.
Objects surrounding us are witnesses of events and changes by interacting with the surroundings.
Their history is unique.
Things often changes their owners and the circumstances are transporting them into different parts of the world.
Often they get a new life.
Streets, houses and things surrounding us can be meaningless for ones, and be the key for others memories.
Billboards, posters and ads are topical only for a certain period of time.
Then they are burned or removed… but some bits remains, starting to be a picturesque, tiny part of wall or stall.
That’s how past with present unifies.
Old items such as a sandclock reminds us about flux of time.
In every bits of paint remains it’s particle.


Oksana BOGUSLAVSKA – born in 1992 in Lvov. Member of young artist’s club “Skrzydła”.
Participant of many individual and collective exhibitions.
Since 2015 she participated in stypendial programme of Ministry of Culture “Gaude Polonia” (Warsaw).
She works in paintings, workshop and usable graphics.