Gallery INSTYTUT 116 is a space of presentation and confrontation of various artistic activities in the field of visual and sound arts (such as painting, video-art, installation, music and photography). It is salso a space of association among multiple creative disciplines, dialogue between classical and modern art, exchange of ideas and unfettered exploration of contemporary art. INSTYTUT 116 centeres its activities around the experiment in its broadest context. By valuing the significance of artists liberty, it strives for a complete indepence of presented art (also in the area of exhibitions implementation itself). The initiator and founder of INSTYTUT 116 is Jacek Jędrzejczak – photographer and visual artist, consumed by video-art and installation art (including experiment and issues related with the connection and reciprocity of sound and image). The gallery is working incessantly since 2011 by inviting many distinguished or simply interesting artists. So far, in the INSTYTUT 116 there have been held (among others) the painting exhibitions (e.g. by Marek Fuff or Marek Sułek), installation exhibitions (e.g. by Michał Silski) and photographic exhibitions, where were presented the works by e.g. Bogdan Dziworski, Edward Hartwig, Zbigniew Łagocki, or Wojeciech Plewiński. Futhermore, the gallery organises performances of an experimental music composed nad played by e.g. Bogdan Mizerski, Andrzej Rejman, Tadeusz Sudnik or Mieczysław Litwiński


Our main objective is widely understood experiment in spirit of which we invite you for cooperation!

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Friends of  INSTYTUT  116

Piotr Cieślik, Dorota Łacek-Gorczyca, Joanna Kasperska, Regina Kotarba, Joanna Królikowska, Dariusz Kwiatkowski, Mieczysław Litwiński, Bartosz Mateńko, Bogdan Mizerski, Bożena Mizerska, Włodzimierz Mildner, Waldemar Pelelczyc, Józef Pless, Leszek Przysiężny, Włodzimierz Pytkowski, Tamara Raven, Agnieszka Radlak, Andrzej Rejman, Marek Ruff, Kamila Sammler, Marek Sułek, Sergiusz Sachno, Tadeusz Sudnik, Tadeusz Tomaszewski, Wojciech Walkiewicz, Anna Wolska, Agnieszka Zalotyńska.

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